Header image: Have a Look, 2018

Bunny bags made from vest carriers (plastic bags): an ongoing project since 2001. All recent bags are collected from Ridley Road Market after hours, adjacent to SIX SECOND. This is an intermittent and experimental art space hosted by Riley on Ridley Road, reopen 2019.

SPACE SHIFT curated by Sarah Kogan at APT in Deptford has concluded.
Wendy Anderson, Neel Bakhle, Jeremy Bubb, Maria Chevska, Richard Dyer, Adam Gray, Sarah Kogan, Enzo Marra, Jane Millar, Galen Riley, Susan Sluglett, Rachel Warriner

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Having observed a kingfisher near the APT on Deptford Creek, and later encountering Clyde Hopkins's reference to a kingfisher at his recent funeral, this avian's darting and elusive reputation has become the focus of Riley's latest string installation Gangles (Alcedo). The movements of this 'psychedelic' interloper are gestured at by stretched polychromatic paracords; orange, cyan and brown like the bird itself. The contact points or fixings of the paracords are old, recent and new, alluding to a movement through time.
Riley continues to pursue a sense of extra dimensional space with illegitimate constructs. In this space a dismantled body is not necessarily dead.

Excerpt from Deptford Waterfowl Guide, Clyde Hopkins (1946-2018)

Small brightly coloured bird
With sharp beak and tongue
Introduced into UK along with
Psychedelic drugs. Usually seen
Just after it has gone.
Eats fish, chips, mushy peas.

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