’ave a look!

This exhibition has now closed, the next opens in February.


6–21 November 2021

’ave a look! aims to undo the identity of both physical and digital objects. Dunseath and Squires are interested in the human negotiation of objects: gherkins, J-Cloths, frankfurters, insoles and pomegranates. All become ‘part objects’, their identity undermined and their place in the world called into question.

This exhibition presents an exploration of these objects operating in the world of use and consumerism, and through the materiality of sculptural practice. Spatial relationships and a negotiation with representation are highlighted through perceptual tactility and relational aspects which move through the immediate surroundings and the unknown journeys of the digital.

These subject-object encounters are explored through physical and digital mediation within the not-quite-fixed space of 6second Gallery. This 6second unit is at other times a studio. It allows an environment that is changeable, from process to presentation allowing an oscillation of the sculptural object to the quotidian. Adjacent to this space is Ridley Road Market. The title ’ave a look! comes from an oft-used market call to shoppers to observe the many fruit and veg, mobile phone, clothing, household items and textile stalls that jostle for attention.

’ave a look! sits itself in this context and borrows from the possibilities of the display mechanisms used on the market, to open a space between the allure of objects and the instability of perception.

Dunseath and Squires began collaborating with the film As Seen 2020-2021 which was shown online at Skelf. As Seen explores encounters between subject and object, putting into question the identity of objects and the reliability of perception. Concerned with issues of surface, tactility, material and representation, the use of the screen with ‘real’ objects acknowledged differing degrees of realness and physicality. ’ave a look! is an iteration of As Seen, with the complication of exploring the tangible against the virtual and a different proximity or environment.

6second is a gallery made available by occasionally and radically repurposing Riley's studio on Ridley Road. These units and the adjacent Ridley Road Market are under threat. The studio space has been given time, out by 1 March, 2022 and the market is fighting for its existence.


Opening times:
Friday to Sunday, 12–6pm and by appointment
6second will be open from noon on Saturday, 6 November
(before the opening event)

Access is limited, cars are not allowed onto the market road. There are forty-two steps up from the street and a further fifty-two paces along the corridor. Please contact the gallery or either artist to discuss access.

Unit Six, Second Floor, 51–63 Ridley Road, London E8 2NP
Gallery doorbell: telephone 07925 900245

Nearest stations: Dalston Kingsland or Dalston Junction Overground
Buses: St Mark’s Rise, Dalston Lane and Kingsland High Street
30, 38, 56, 67, 76, 149, 236, 242, 243 and 277

Galen Riley