SIX SECOND presents A creak in the stair

Unit SIX, on the SECOND floor, 51-63 Ridley Road, Dalston, London E8 2NP

Tomoya Matsuzaki and Andrew Miller present an exhibition of works that tell of their own making. They examine the inherent qualities of the objects and pictorial spaces that they create.
The materials, chalky matt plaster or roughly splintered wood; and the gestures, soft hatching or harsh ripping, are not hidden or disguised. They are in themselves descriptions of the work and the act of making. But the material is also a fault line, a restless tectonic that can destabilise the way we look at it.
Matsuzaki and Miller mine at seams of gesture, of thought, of abstraction, of figuration and within them find moments of ambiguity and disruption. It is as though the closer they look, the greater the distance from which the work looks back.
Tomoya Matsuzaki has been selected for the John Moores Painting Prize 2018. Andrew Miller has been selected for Young London 2018.

Private view: Friday 22 June 6 - 10pm
Open Friday - Sunday, noon - 5pm until 1 July 2018

SIX SECOND is a not-for-profit exhibition programme hosted by Riley in Unit SIX, on the SECOND floor, 51-63 Ridley Road, London E8 2NP

S p a c e S h i f t
In October Riley exhibits at APT in Deptford, curated by artist Sarah Kogan alongside Wendy Anderson, Neel Bakhle, Jeremy Bubb, Maria Chevska, Adam Gray, Enzo Marra, Jane Millar, Susan Sluglett and Rachel Warriner.

Header image: Galen Riley ‘Have a Look’ 2018
Bunny bags made from vest carriers, an ongoing project since 2001. The newer bags for this work were collected from Ridley Road Market adjacent to SIX SECOND.

Selected Work