Space Shift

Thursday 18 October until Sunday 4 November curated by artist Sarah Kogan at APT, London.

Riley is also hosting two exhibitions this Spring at the SIX SECOND Gallery.

SIX SECOND is a not-for-profit exhibition programme in Unit SIX, on the SECOND floor, 51-63 Ridley Road, London E8 2NP.


SIX SECOND Presents David Grandorge
Landscapes of Variable Temperature

David Grandorge has pursued the photography of buildings, cities and landscape since 1996.

His photographs are most often characterised by visual austerity and laconic expression. He is concerned with pictorial and compositional precision, but welcomes the intrusion of the imperfect, through the depiction of latent occupancy and the exploitation of technical mishaps.
This exhibition presented by SIX SECOND addresses the documentation of landscapes in three regions subjected to continued geo-political pressure - the Baltic States, the Middle East and the Arctic. The variously scaled photographs depict the impacts of resource exploitation and infrastructure on landscape. All of the pictures were recorded with light exposed on to film using a lens whose focal length and field of view corresponds to that of the human eye. The exposures were taken in temperatures from -20º to 5ºC. Some of the pictures seek to dispel the still popular notion of desert landscapes as pristine environments.

Grandorge’s work has been published and exhibited internationally, including the Prague Biennale of 2005, the Venice Architecture Biennales of 2008, 2012 and 2014, the Vilnius Art Triennale of 2013 and the Baltic Material Assemblies exhibitions at the AA and RIBA in 2018. He has held solo exhibitions at Rake Visningrom, Trondheim (The World is Still Beautiful) and Peter von Kant, London (Without Sun) in 2013.

Private View: Friday 20 April 6 - 10pm
Artist’s Talk: Sunday 22 April 2pm
Grandorge will also be present at SIX SECOND on Sunday 29 April noon – 5pm
Open Friday – Sunday, noon – 5pm until Sunday 29 April 2018

SIX SECOND Presents Alice Evans
An Experiment
Dick Appleyard, Chris Bishop, Claire Blundell-Jones, Steven Bramble, Jonny Briggs, Alice Evans, Julian Firth, Jude Freeman, Mike Grant, Galen Riley, Dallas Seitz, Francis Mason and Cat Vitebsky curated by artist and film-maker Alice Evans.

This exhibition comprises of thirteen contemporary interpretations of the painting An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, Joseph Wright 'of Derby', 1768. A travelling scientist is shown demonstrating the formation of a vacuum by extracting the air from a bell jar containing a white cockatoo. The bird will die if the scientist continues to deprive it of oxygen, and Wright leaves us in doubt as to whether or not the creature will be spared. Here science usurps the more familiar historical and religious subjects as a source of the dramatic in painting of this time.

Riley will contribute a revenge of the birds from an otherworldly dimension in a similar dynamic but sculptural composition.

Until Sunday 1 April

Selected Work